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CO Hair Studio is a independently owned + operated private traveling hair studio. The studio serves Charlottesville, Virginia and surrounding areas. We are a full service salon bringing customized professional services + products to your private locations. Co Hair Studio is incredibly passionate about creating an unforgettable experience in each and everyone of your sessions.

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Cortney Oliver

Cortney has 18+ passion filled years involved with the hair industry. She grew up in + around salons in Tampa, FL for 10+ years before moving to the the Virginia mountains. Over 8 years ago Cortney officially made a career change from retail management to her long love + calling of hair.

Cortney went to a Loreal Professional school at Sylvian Melloul International Academy. Cortney was drawn to the feeling that good hair or beard could instantly boost anyone's self esteem. Over the years she has sought out advanced education from Redken + Lanza. Cortney looks forward to constantly growing her craft + extra tools in her professional tool box. Education coming soon on the horizon for new services.

Cortney expresses herself through the art of hair, beard shaping, and color. Her precise attention to detail helps clients find their perfect haircut based on their face shape and bone structure. Over the years, she has enjoyed working with curls + textures. She feels finding the right style for the level of maintance her clients are envisioning is the gift that keeps giving.

Cortney can be found in and around the Charlottesville area providing creative hair art, non-toxic products, sustainability, and focus on client education. She feels so fortunate to be able to provide a safe + open space for each session at all private onsite locations. Cortney is enthusiastic to collaborate with local venues + artist for Pop Up Events in the Spring-Autumn seasons. She is excited to bring a new fresh traveling hair vibe to the Charlottesville area. All people + hair textures are welcome in her chair.








Cortney Oliver